How Modern Tapware Styles can transform your Bathroom

How Modern Tapware Styles can transform your Bathroom

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One of the best places to showcase the best choice of tapware is the bathroom in your house. Meanwhile, the bathroom also shows how neatly kept, and safe your home is, especially for visitors. On the other hand, a commercial center such as a restaurant also wants to keep bathrooms and restrooms in the best possible shape. Also, the diverse styles can inspire you to choose the right tapware for your new or renovated home.

Similarly, whether you are looking for a way to redesign your home, tapware can be a solid weapon to achieve your goal. You can redesign your bathroom or create a new one altogether. Meanwhile, the style of your bathroom is incomplete without the right tapware to make a complete statement. Therefore, I choose the right tapware. The most expensive tapware variety does not always imply the best quality. However, we must carefully analyze the desired styles, shape, size, and quality that truly satisfies.

For instance, tapware may be small in size yet produce a solid stand in the design and other qualities. Therefore, if the size is okay by you, then you stand to enjoy different excellent rates that come with it. On the other hand, moderately sized tapware also provides an affordable way for a high-end feel in designing a bathroom and even toilets. This article will discuss your choice of tapware under 4-S qualities: Shape, Size, Sheen, and Style.

The shape of the Tapware

When you consider the best tapware for your bathroom, form and function are the two most apparent and broadest factors. In other words, users want the tapware to look great in shape and design. Still, they would not expect a compromise in its main functionality. Another desired feature of the tapware is the ease of use by all family members in the home. The predominant style of your bathroom may be a good reason to choose a particular shape of tapware.

In terms of shape, you may also want to choose between a Monobloc tapware that comes with a single lever or the other types. Meanwhile, the former is very easy to use with one hand, especially if there are kids in the house who may not have enough strength otherwise. In other words, another essential factor is the category of people who are the primary users of tapware. Apart from Monobloc taps, mixer taps or vintage vibes could add a different flavor to your bathroom water system setup. You may choose curved tapware to ease the available space in the bathroom as well.

Size of the Tapware

Size may be a standard quality of tapware, but it is hardly the most crucial factor to consider. Generally, expert users and home interior builders will not rank-size as the most critical reason to pic tapware. However, users may clearly pick any size they so desire. A wrong size may pose a big problem during installation to fulfill the form and function purposes. Of course, that does not imply that we can relegate the size reason to the back. We simply need to have correct measurements. 

Related to the size of the tapware are the dimensions of your bathroom shower and sink. For instance, you may want to consider these tap components’ height, length, and width. If there is limited space in your bathroom, then, no doubt, you should choose wall-mounted tapware to optimize it. On the other hand, if there is reasonable space for expression, a long goose-neck style mixer may be the way to go. 


What we refer to as the sheen is the component materials of the tapware. For instance, you may either choose a matte or shiny type or pick a brushed or polished one. These are tapware terms that make a choice interesting for the bathroom to have a great look in the end. Another classic choice is the brushed brass, or choose the traditional chrome fixtures. Anyone with the choice of tapware already knows that the sheen properties add to the aesthetics.

When you discover that your bathroom also has a clinical look, you may want to add some warmth and texture with tapware that has a unique sheen. Brass tapware or a wall mixer may also be an excellent choice for your bathroom and your kitchen and laundry. While picking your final outer coat, you may want a mixture of gloss and matte black for your tapware finish. This combination may give a unique look that you seek in others to have a special texture.


Style is inarguably the best quality in our 4-S consideration for modern tapware. In addition, these styles of tapware are basically endless because each brand produces stunning designs. So, the choice style must first be the one that fully synchronizes with the overall feeling you want to have when you walk into the bathroom. So, if you successfully answer how you want the bathroom to feel, then the choice of tapware style becomes a bit easier.

Some of the tapware styles include rustic, minimalist, contemporary, or vintage styles. So, will you like to use the sleek and modern tapware to fit into the modern bathroom or not? No doubt, making a bold statement with your bathroom requires all the resources of tapware styles available. Some of the techniques even mimic natural waterfall, such as the classic faucet tapware styles. Yet, you can be inspired by the tapware styles in a more significant way.

Helpful questions in choosing tapware?

A tapware style, shape, size, or sheen can be exciting to consider to pick. However, the following questions attempt to simplify the possible issues. For instance, these top questions may help your eventual choice of tapware. Meanwhile, you can find this article helpful in a detailed explanation of tapware.

  • Is the tapware workable with my current water pressure?
  • Is there any unpleasant quality in my tapware?
  • How often do I use my tap per day?
  • How many people will be sharing the use of my tapware with me?
  • Will younger children or elderly ones be using the tapware?
  • Does my tapware product come with a warranty?


A lot of inspiration about creating the best bathroom for everyday use hinges on the creativity to add these different components of the tapware. Check out some of the displayed items in the Tile and Bath Co online store to pick the right choices based on the guide above. Enjoy a beautiful home!